The B Team feat. Kharisma & Ali yah B -LYRIC-

The B Team feat. Kharisma & Ali yah B

Verse 1 (Kharisma)

This one is dedicated to the misfits(misfits)
that got picked on just for
being different(different)
I see the trouble that you go through 
you try to fit in, but nobody wants
to be the one you go to
I see you
you are not transparent
You have greatness within you
I truly believe it
you just gotta find it
and I know once you do,
you will shine brighter than Rihannais diamonds
I want you to love what you see in your reflection
say goodbye to the hate and the rejection
because you are what I call a beautiful creation
so I give you all of my appreciation
You just missed a little love from your environment
but now I'm here to say its
all that you're surrounded in
The B-Team. They won't ever see us coming 
so keep chasing your dream
and don't stop running.

Chorus (Aliyah B)

This is who I am
this is the real me
I won't change into
what you think I should be

Verse 2 (Kharisma)

Yeah, so lets all make a pact
that no matter what we go through,
we'll have each other's back
and provide our support in any form
in order to preserver and weather the storm
They can laugh at us, poke fun at us or whatever
but I know that it won't matter,
if we are together
because they only want to see your destruction
because you're standing on a level above them
so, don't let ever them,
get inside your head with negative thoughts
because you better than what they say,
its all just stupid negative talk
you got the double the smarts, double the heart,
double the drive they have
so work twice as hard for you what you want 
and take it with your hands 
because even if its cliche to say that I do
There ain't no limit to the faith that I'm placing in you
The B-Team.They won't ever see us coming 
so keep chasing your dream and donit stop running

Chorus (Aliyah B) x 4