Love You feat. Matt Levy -LYRIC-

Love You feat. Matt Levy


(Sendin' this out, from Japan, all the way to your land)

Verse 1

I live it
Watchin' the sunshine on the pacific
it's splendid
I wish you could see me swimmlni
That one time I went in 'cuz it was cold
And I just like to watch the waves fold
And when lim all alone and my mind begins to zone
And I think about the times
I could barely hold on
And all I wanna do is be in your arms


And I swear I will
Always keep it real
And hold you down
And promise to
Be there for you
And care for you somehow
Cuz when you're here with me
I feel like we can achieve anything


I love you, oh I love you
Yes I do
I love you, oh I love you
I love you, yes I do

Verse 2

There are endless possibilities for you and me
Two can be as one, we have so much fun
We have so much unfinished, undone
And so much more to learn about love
Together we can see our dreams come true
Together we can be unstoppable
Cuz baby nothin' matters you're the baddest times two


And every time that I survived,
I was by your side
It's no surprise that
I'm alive when I look in your eyes
And when you're not here with me
I feel so incomplete, baby

Chorus x 2