Shine a Light Pt. 3 (One Mistake) feat. Awa & PNC -LYRIC-

Shine a Light Pt. 3 
(One Mistake) feat. Awa & PNC

Chorus x 2 (AWA)

One mistake One heartbreak Too many Now I'm trying to get pu back

Verse 1 (AVIVA)

I'm probably the last person 
You wanna see Right now
But please baby just hear me out 
I did you wrong
You're the only woman that I love
I swear, I'd give my life, to undo what I've done
See what I did was dumb I knew better, Yup I knew better
Oh.. .We all make mistakes baby
Pleas let me make it up 
Deserve better, you better
Oh.. All I need is one chance
But I know Its not that easy x 2
To forgive, to forget, cause what I did was...

Chorus x 2(AWA)

Verse 2 (PNC)

I know you tired of the Mucking up, and how you've had to toughen up
Times you had to search your mind and think is love enough
Puffin up your chest, all the feelings were suppressed
Then they all came out at once at the one that you detest most,
Me, you kept tabs, watched closely
But I could move quicker than a young Shane Mosley
Now the shame is on me, I was ornery
On an ego trip, actin slick, so I slipped up
Accordingly, now I wanna be back with you
And show I got the aptitude to connect with you
Again, changed my attitude, I'll respect you to the
End, I know your hearts broke, 
but I'm hoping i can Mend that, get back the love and we'll patch up
You can't pretend that we aren't the perfect match up
One on one, just need a second chance
One mistake, one heartbreak, but those'll be the last, for real

Verse 3 (AWA)

I hate seeing you hurt The fact that its my faultIs worse 
Each tear you cry
Further makes me realise I did you wrong
Forgot just how lucky I was
I'm hoping that you'll let me find what I lost

Chorus x 4 (AWA)