Forever feat. Stacy Epps & MO -LYRIC-

Forever feat. Stacy Epps & MO

Chorus X 1 (MO) 

Never felt the way now we share this feeling
We don't need a ward, I will never leave you
Don't know reason why but it's so natural 
I will walk with you  Just to be with you

Verse 1 (Stacey Epp)

Ever since I saw you I knew you were the one
A spiritual ottraction from heaven God's son
I knew YOU were anointed and blessed by the one
you made my hear smile with pure joy like a child 
I travel many miles been looking for a long while
To find such a jewel that he blessed me with
And I promise deep down I give respect to this
Companionship so passionate, Attraction is so miraculous
I just can't believe this is happening
An expression so true from me to you 
I give it my all in support of you 
Dedication is an art form, I work the tools 
and become better at the craft of sharing my soul with you forever
And I give thanks to you

Chorus x I (MO)

Verse 2 (Stacey Epp)

Love happens so naturally, effortless, casually
Feel like I know you for centuries, haven't we?
Our destinies intertwine like notes in a symphony you blew my mind
Together I knew we'd make history over time, they can see us shine 
Physically and mentally you give me all the ecstasy
You filling me with the divine insight recipe for Queen-dom
So I take my throne after you take yours and we join our souls
For god to hold and his heart reassure to create beauty for future generations 
our bond is the inspiration for others to share and know that we care 
believe in me king my love will always be there
believe in me king my love will always be there

Verse 3 (Stacey Epp)

Wherever we are around the world
Our trust is strong and our values hold us together
Through any weather, been through many seasons you make me better
With every day I learn the meaning of partnership and honoring each other 
The more you give the more you get
The natural laws are infinite, loving you is loving me 
my reflection in light I see god in me 
and pray with you I will build my place in life with you 
Plant the seed and tend the earth to grow the life 
our destiny flows like Waterfalls, feed the river, we keep growing 
true effort through the spirit it will last

Chorus x 1 (MO)