Change feat. J . Sands, Madness, Tislam The Great & Shuanise (Album ver) -LYRIC-

Change feat. J . Sands, Madness, 
Tislam The Great & Shuanise (Album ver)

my change fold, bank rolled got em five in a knot 
rubberband, other man fuck Im driveing a dorop 
got my mind my on my money and my eye on the clock
Im dying to stop, but close to buying a block 
got Sands all out ther elike im trying to flop
Hold up, bring it back a bit, you sure thats all accurate 
alot niggas jump on the mic expect the track to fit 
kid I floats wit it, butter fly beez wit it
g wit it, wit my hat low. Yeah the P fitted 
Northside K, G's make a deal a day
Keep it on  the sush, hit the kush make you feel IA 
but back home need a back bone 
and black chrome, cause lil mutha fuckas oct grown 
flip the bat phone,then my cats zone
I rap poems, still make a nigga get his as on

Hook (Shuanise) x 1

As life engages  Time to show up have involve you're frame
Makes no sense living this way  Have to evolve the plain
Time won't stop for I n I  Touch you're high
Change is oure  Wave tomorrow  Something's got to change

Verse 2

I had change  Can't maintain the  same thing 
I change lanes when the game change
Can't be them some lane as, sittin there askin' why 
You in the some lane as life passin' by
And me  I'm past them guys  Can't be stagnated, I graduated
Thankin' God glad that I mode it
And I'm sad to say it, but we all should know
We come so far still if's so far to go
And it's hard to know, which facade to show 
Oddly though, shit wasn't like the Cosby Shwo
It wasn't hard to grow, but it was hard to blow 
So being niggas is all we know  Pants saggin'black rag in
Yo I'm never scared to show up  
That ToyRus kid niggas said was scared to grow up
In trouble again, wit no one to blame
Stay the some, but know to when to change

Verse 3

Aint the one to fuss hardley ever complain? 
All I got is bus money a buck and some change?
But I still make moves till the discover the name? 
Front cover display another one for the great?
Dont surcum to the hate fake hundered's for bait?
Not goin no where like I'm runnin in place? 
Leg chained to a gate escape is a waste?
still pull a fast on right in front of they face?
Pinchin pennies a nickel for everytime ?
That a snitch got hit for dropin the dime?
Place a order for a quater on a tapped phone line?
Fifty cent pice with a sliver dollar design?
Now a days everyone got they own problems? 
Queston is how. the fuck we gon sovlem?
These past 8 years have really ben a pain? 
Obama said it right we do need change

Hook (Shonise) x 1