Beautiful World foot, Toro Miuro from HO17 -LYRIC-

Beautiful World foot, Toro Miuro from HO17

Chorus x 4

How can I tell you the way I feel?
I just need to be with you.

Verse 1

She is a beautiful girl.
I didn't think I could meet the girl like her
Relized that I shouldn't bo too nervous
And I wonder what she is doing now
We're in relationship, just to say hi
It's OK I'm feeling bright

Bridge 1

On Monday, I saw you girl 
On Tuesday, thinking'bout you
Wednesday, still l'rn thinkin'
Thursday, nothing happen
On Friday I met you downtown
Saturday I got your number
You drive me crazy

Chorus x 2

Verse 2

She was beautiful girl
I comee to know her since I'm in love with her
One day she had changed for somee reason
I wasn't thinking that she hides the side of evill
No one knows, no one knows, no one knows, 
I don't even know

Bridge 2

On Mbnday, let me think
On Tuesday, about you girl
Wednesday, I don't wanna see you, girl mmm 
Thursday, what a nostalgic
On Friday I love her days
Saturday I'm at the front of your door, yeah

Chorus x 2

I wanna know/ something 'bout you girl from the day
I saw you downtown.....