Reality Unseen feat.Othello -LYRIC-

Reality Unseen feat.Othello

Verse 1

I stay hopeful in the midst of chaos
take charge psychologically to remain strong
you see they try to tell me that religion is based on
power and control they might have found church but remain lost
and so it is for so many in the world on the search for
worth or,reason  steeples on a building aint gon fill them,
but neither will a feeling or cold cash million
but what will then, church aint about church
the spinit goes beyond the four walls and through the ceiling
out into the whole world trying to heal men 
women and children looking for the real thing 
yahwe the father son christ been revealed in the life that i've lived
spinitual fulfillment 
I aint too thrilled about acting religiou 
I just try to be about the fathers business


You can tell everything you think you know about life but,
it don't make it right tho
I choose to believe in a savior,remaining insightful
cuz these days are cold,gotta be something more than getting old and dying
im trying to live in reality unseen

Verse 2

So what you think bout it  what you know about 
who you really are depends on how you go about it
think this, feel that,live this, real cats do real things and when i hear that
Im like define where the real at, you physical frame what you can touch, fact
but any idiot knows the wind blows and you can't see it but you see 
how the trees move with the breeze and the leaves even
dancing to the feeling as quiet as kept spiritual matters happen it the same way
bet on the rhythm in step trying to reflect to folks blinded 
by the okie doke lying betta soak up the shine
can't tell me you aint knowing the glow,even 
with your eyes close you can open you soul
therer a window to the truth but you first gotta go beyond the senses 
my faith produces real life blessings

Hook X 1

Verse 3

Let me  clarify, is it ok if i be myself ya'all 
i mean even if what believe dont get popular votes 
i wont settle for Okie doke
I baugh at the jokes tho  theres something comical about shaking your fist at the sky 
after life deals a cold blow and you wonder why you aint let go,
trying to hold on to what you can't control its bold
in all caps reading stubbom the facts keep coming
needing help but you aint trying to ask me for nothing 
I aint got it all for real but i will say the spirit inside of me
not a commodily its the God in me that conquers evil  im around a lot of people
that aint got a peep hole to peep through and cant see truth
and wont open the door even if it knocks  
keep it locked  it takes much faith to not