Billy The Kid (feat.Mr.J Medeiros)-LYRIC-

Billy The Kid (feat.Mr.J Medeiros)

When he was young he use to play whih toy guns
He'd say it was for fun but really it was the feel of it
He acted silly but Billy loved the oppeal of it 
Thouth its just plastic his roles got drastic
Sound effects would blow he'd black mask it
Around his neck would glow that classic Rambo medallion
He use to dream of Lambo's,ltalion Mafioso,Commando,battalions
He would lead them through the darkof winter
He would leave them when his mom had started dinner
At the table with his bleeding elbows
Even when eating he needed his G.I.Joes
By his side guarding his pride
A soldier or a poet it got harder to decide
The fun ends as the evening unravels
A uoung mans ego so fragile

A now he's hitting his teens still drifting in between
Wantting to be a writer wanting to be a fighter
He's starting to wonder which was mightier
And found one 
The difference between Martin and Malcolm
He couldn't see it in the outcome
They didn't live to see it
Now how come
Was the thought he saw the ones sho fought
He saw the ones who got caught in their crass fire
His boss fired him and the cause 
He was reading Che Guevara instead of him parking cars
Who writes the laws who enforces them
Bom to win, bom to loose, bom again
Mortal men with on ego so fragile
Reading as the meaning unravels
Was it a bullet to the head or the words to the brain
That brought about more change 

It's been a long time since the toy guns and achting bigger
Active trigger now he a real aciton figure
The military made it harder to decide
A soldier and a poet now the poet guards his pride
You see his views we see them on the evening news
We read the wards found hidden in his B,D,U,s
We loose sight with on eye for on eye
Were the last words written on the night that he died
In a book they gove to his son the day he tumed 21
The day he leamed of young men who have come to on end
Of his father who held his gun but heldharder to his pen
A martyr bom again every time his book was opened
And the mind that provoked it
Was it the words from his honds of the bullet from gun
The kept a man alive for his son