Shine a Light Pt.2 (Let’s Love) feat. Awa & Oldwun -LYRIC-

Shine a Light Pt.2 (Let's Love) feat. Awa & Oldwun

Verse 1 (Oldwun)

Shine a light on me, even if its quietly
need u to take the lead so I
can see the light thats guiding me
thru my darkest times,
I need that light to shine
when i cant see a ray of hope,
will you bemy fire fly?
Tip toein thru the unknown,
aint really cuttin it
Im sitting on the wall, need a breakthrough like its cutting edge
I heard when all the grey
clouds clear the sky
happiness resides cos its brighter on the other side
I seen shadows of
doubt tryna consume me
I felt the heat and the pressure
like a jacuzzi
i stayed on top, rose above it like hot air, I found my shine again
noticed the shadows were not there!
I saw the sun shine thru,
i saw the skies turn blue
I grabbed ahold of my dreams, followed there
every move
they re-ignited da spark to shine a light
so now i keep a candle by my bed to guide my dreams at night

Hook (AWA)

Shine a light…
For my people all around the world
From the ghetto
To Japan
Let the stars see your hands
For my people all around the world
From the hood
To the islands
Keep on rising
Take it to the highest

Verse 2 (Oldwun)

Shine a light on me, even if its moderately lets keep it steady, keep
it flowin like its supposed to be
Highlight the way for the others to
come thru
show dem the way they can
"try", "do it" & "dont do"
all i needed was
a light on me for a second
that opened up my eyes and got me circulating questions is there more
to me being here then just existin
or to spread my light and to get my people listenin fact or fiction,
my lifes had its share of friction
how i dealt wid it, was to get it
out my system
to get wat was heavy on my heart, off my chest
aint never done me
wrong, aint found no better yet
so I relay my light just like the
olympic flame
with hope that other people too will run wid it one day
and spread the
light themselves somethin like a morning rise
and bare witness to da shine thru sleepy eyes

Hook (AWA) × 1

Verse 3 (Oldwun)

Shine a light on me in all of its entirity
its time to merge the
spotlights and house lights entirely
lets get together as 1, and shine
as a collective
raise dem hands to da sky just get perspective
of whos wid me, who
aint, who on the wall
cant have no "i might be" man, its either or
so join all the pieces of the puzzle, get the picture
u can take what
was learnt and pass it like a scripture
from N Z to Japan we came to
bridge gaps
so shine a light on da Nesians over Goon Trax
and you too can see what
is seen amongst da stars
we give dat shine back, no matter
who ya are
No matter who ya are..
We give dat shine back no matter
who ya are

Hook (AWA) × 1