IN THE SHADOWS Robert de Boron
GTXT-176 | ¥ 2.640 (tax in) | 2020.12.23 in stores
01. Time to Say Goodbye feat. Lions Ambition
02. I Don't Wanna feat. Ozay Moore
03. Cry for a Shadow
04. I'm on a Mission feat. Abrio & Lomez Brown
05. End of Sollow
06. Shine A Light Pt.6-Tell Me- feat. AWA (Nesian Mystik)
07. Angel Dance
08. Aurora feat. KENNY from SPiCYSOL & Dawn Gun
09. Enter Peace feat. Sareem Poems
10. Come Home feat. 三浦太郎 (フレンズ)
11. Dig my Soul feat. KYTE
12. Asian Night Time
GTCXC-140 | ¥ 2,160 (tax in) | 2018.04.11 in stores
01. Afro Soma / Here For You feat. Kharisma
02. Lions Ambition / Nimbus
03. Shiho Suzuki / Glitter feat. Steph Pockets & Betty
04. Sam Ock / Know Better
05. GEMINI / Just for You feat. KYTE
06. Asuka Mochizuki / Mystic Star
07. Robert de Boron / The Soul feat. Awon
08. 216Project / Marry Me feat. Sam Ock & Junggigo
09. CL / Moonlight
10. Jay Lee / The Greatest Sign feat. Part Time Cooks
11. Ryosuke Kojima / Twist and Turn
12. Ozay Moore / Good
13. Avens / Play Hard feat. Steph Pockets
14. GEMINI / We've Got The Same Dreams feat. Adikkal of LHA (Kenichiro Nishihara Remix)
15. Hiroki Mizukami / Feel
16. Still Caravan / Rhapsody feat. Nieve
¥ 2,700 (tax in) | 2017.05.03
1. Make-Believe
2. Saddest Song
3. One Night Story
4. Borrowed Time
5. Canary
6. Bad Babe’s Dreamer
7. Nasty Radio
8. Just A Day
9. Violet Blaze〔Instrumental〕
10. Shed One Tear
11. Shine Drops

PRODUCED by Robert de Boron
GTCXC-130 | ¥ 2,160 (tax in) | 2017.04.12 in stores
01. GEMINI / IN YA MELLOW TONE feat. Tsurumi Takashi, KYTE, RAq, Ai Ninomiya & Imani
02. Still Caravan / Take It Slow feat. Kharisma (Ryosuke Kojima remix)
03. KYTE / Love Sangin'
04. Steph Pockets / Our House
05. Kondor / Thank U feat. CL
06. Ryosuke Kojima / Morning Dew
07. Rehan Dalal / That Old Fashioned Feeling
08. A June & J Beat / Fade Away feat. Adikkal of LHA
09. Brass Knuckle Bullies / Somewhere Out There ft. Jael KDLV & Micah Gilday
10. Jay Lee / I Miss feat. JonWonder
11. acro jazz laboratories / Hit Me!
13. Avens & Asuka Mochizuki of GEMINI / Music Makes Me feat. K-Wiz & Sara Delight
14. CM Smooth / Heaven On Earth feat. Funky DL
15. GLAM / One Step Forward feat. Nieve & Kelpie
16. Robert de Boron / End of Sorrow
Feel Yalla Family
¥ 2,000 (tax in) | 2016/08/03
1.Intro ~日の出~
3.かぞくの唄 ~Family Anthem~
5.Want Me?
6.胸騒ぎアンセム feat. PES from Rip Slyme
8.どうする? ~in the greed city~
10.Chill Out
11.YELLOW ~つぼみたちの応援歌~ [BORON PRODUCE]
12.Y.O.U ~You're One of Us~
13.The Only One
15.Outro ~帰り道~ [BORON PRODUCE]
16.FEEL (English Version) [Bonus Track]

FINGAZZ PES(Rip Slyme) Robert de Boron
GTXC-120 | ¥ 2160 (tax in) | 2016.05.11 in stores
1.My Crew Deep Together (feat. Ai Ninomiya) / Steph Pockets
2.Sundown (feat. Kharisma) / Still Caravan
3.Spit at The World (feat. kyte, RAq, MICRO & Kousuke Saeki) / Gemini
4.Goodbye to Your Love (feat. Ai Ninomiya) / re:plus
5.Rest Assured / Diafrix (3:24)
6.Blindness (feat. wakana) / Jay Lee (4:01)
7.In The Rain (feat. Part Time Cooks & Uzu) / Robert de Boron
8.Never Ending / Sam Ock
9.Free (feat. Kimberly Aviso) / LHA
10.Talk To Em / Pat Van Dyke
11.Second Date (feat. WADE & Tyler Alexis) / The Hauser Project
12.The Dance (feat. Elias) / Dafuniks
13.100 Fans / Luke Christopher
14.Million Dollar Check (feat. Mark Lindberg & Juan Anthony Reyes) / The Deadbeats
15.Need You Forever (feat. Vick D) / A June & J Beat
16.Born On The Day You Left (feat. Pase Rock & Haruca Apply) / Stella.J.C
nostalgic Robert de Boron
GTXC-115 | ¥ 2,592 (tax in) | 2016/1/20
01. Shine a Light Pt.2 (Let's Love) feat. Awa & Oldwun
02. Jenny feat. Daichi Diez & Shaira
03. Chiru (Saisei no Uta)
04. It's Never too Late feat. AWA
05. Love Out Of Sight feat. Melodee
06. Carry On feat. Taro Miura from HO17 & Dawngun
07. Shine a Light Pt.4 (Proud To Be) feat. AWA & Maitreya
08. All On The Table feat. Magnetic North & Taiyo Na
09. Be Okay feat. Kharisma & Jon Wonder
10. Home feat. Tunji
11. In The Rain feat. Part Time Cooks & Uzu
12. Take Your Turn feat. Collective Efforts
13. Regret Me Not feat. Othello & Vivian Chen ~infused by Pachelbel 「Canon」~
14. Setuna
GTCXC-110 | ¥ 2,160 (tax in) | 2015/07/15
1.Not Alone (feat. Sam Ock) / Gemini
2.I am Ready (feat. Dawngun) / Robert de Boron
3.Please Go Nowhere (feat. Anton Bautista) / Kharisma
4.Give You All My Love (Mono Creation remix) / Imani
5.Crushin' / Matt Levy
6.Sepia (feat. Yusuke Shima) / re:plus
7.Small Triumph / Souls Rest
8.No money / Part Time Cooks
9.California (feat. Tunji) / Nieve
10.Work It Out (feat. Raashan Ahmad) / Acro Jazz Laboratories
11.Gallery of Dreams / Native Sun
12.Brown / Still Caravan
13.Path to Destiny (feat. Numatik) / JonWonder
14.If It Hadn't Been For You (feat. Jeff Bernat & Substantial) / A June & J Beat
15.Can't Complain (feat. Lynn O'Brien) / Landon wordswell
16.Runaway From You (feat. Ai Ninomiya) / FLY COAST feat. Ai Ninomiya
Dreams in Static Robert de Boron
GTXC-109 | ¥ 2,592 (tax in) | 2015/05/13
01. Be Okay feat. Kharisma & Jon Wonder
02. Blues feat. Magnetic North & Taiyo Na & Teng Yang
03. Shine A Light Pt.5 feat. Sam Ock
04. I am Ready feat. Dawngun
05. Always feat. Taro Miura from HO17 & Nieve
06. Impossible feat. Nino Augustine
07. The B Team feat. Kharisma & Aliyah B
08. It's Never too Late feat. AWA 〜Album Version
09. Love You feat. Matt Levy
10. Fade Away feat. Matt Levy
11. Snow Pallet
12. The Lost Child feat. MO
GTCXC-100 | ¥ 2,160 (tax in) | 2014/09/10
1.Yourside feat. Sam Ock-radio edit- / re:plus
2.Addicted To You (feat. Lion's Ambition) / GEMINI
3.Back 2 tha Dayz (feat. Jagarizzar & Will Singe) / Fortafy & XY
4.Gratitude (feat. Gowe) / J. Han
5.Avians / CYNE
6.Blue Sky (feat. RAq & Ai Ninomiya) / i-lander
7.It's Never Too Late (feat. Awa) / Robert de Boron
8.I Already Know (feat. Darley) / MasterClass moon / Still Caravan
10.Good Life (feat. Othello) / acro jazz laboratories
11.Indian Summer (feat. Banzo & Satbyeol) / DJ Juice
12.Look My Way (feat. Kaleb Simmonds) / The Extremities
13.Caught Me By Surprise / Bam & Urbs
14.One Day (feat. CL a.k.a. Chaotic Lynk & Jay Legaspi) / Avens
15.The Color of Dawn / HIDETAKE TAKAYAMA
16.Gratefull feat.Substantial (remix) / A June & J Beat
Shine A Light feat. Awa Robert de boron & AWA
GTXC-098 | ¥ 2,592 (tax in) | 2014/07/09
01. It's Never Too Late
02. Let Go feat. Imani
03. Shine A Light feat. Oldwun
04. Proud To Be feat. Maitreya
05. Blazin’
06. Hapani Girl
07. Interlude
08. Don't Cry
09. Let's Love
10. One Mistake feat. PNC
11. Take Me Back feat. Oldwun
12. Outro (However Far)
GTXC-090 | ¥ 2,100 (tax in) | 2013/12/11
1. GEMINI / Memories feat. Lions Ambition
2. ArtOfficial / Big City Bright Lights − re:plus remix −
3. Robert de Boron / Sunny Days feat. AMP
4. FLY COAST feat. Ai Ninomiya / Just Follow Your Heart
5. Home Brew / Bad Bad Whiskey
6. JonWonder / First Fireworks
7. iris / Akizora
8. LHA (Leehahn & Adikkal) / Nevermind feat. Chux & Billy Kid
9. imani / There Are Days
10. RAq / Let Me Dream feat. Nieve
11. Nino Augustine feat. Nick Dungo / All My Dreams
12. Bias & River Nelson / Implosion feat. Ann One
13. 72 Soul / Fool Is Blind feat. Brise
14. SoulChef / When I Close My Eyes feat. Tunji
15. Kondor / Dreamin' (Goodnight) feat. Landon Wordswell
16. Grey Market / Daylite Dies
Organic Soul V.A.
GTXC-086 | ¥ 2,100 (tax in) | 2013/09/11
01. Big Villain「 The Morning After」
02. Cook Classics「 No Show feat.Avriel Epps & Tunji」
03. CL「 Leave Tonight」
04. Robert de Boron「 Shine a Light Pt.4 (Proud To Be) feat. AWA & Maitreya」
05. Eightrack Mind「 Slow Down」
06. BioLogic「 Wonderful Days ft. Mez & Sam Wegman」
07. JoWell & DJ Dvious Mindz「 Dust In The Wind feat. Cee Nario」
08. Audible Mainframe「 See The Light feat. Kelli Scarr」
09. Thundamentals「 Calm In The Chaos feat. Charlotte C」
10. Sassafraz「Sound In The Distance」
11. Magnetic North & Taiyo Na「 Cold feat. Sam Kang」
12. Pigeon John「 Growing Old」
GTXC-TS1 | ¥ 1,980 (tax in) | 2013/06/26
01. Gemini 「Be feat. Kharisma」
02. re:plus 「Let The Story Tell feat. FlowEthics」
03. Robert de Boron 「Carry On feat. Taro Miura from HO17 & Dawngun」
04. FLY COAST feat. Ai Ninomiya 「Moonlight」
05. Robert de Boron+Othello 「Regret Me Not feat. Vivian Chen」
06. Hidetake Takayama 「Welcome to You & Me feat. Sam Ock」
07. Nicholas Cheung 「Watch The Pacific feat. RAq & Othello」
08. LHA (Leehahn & Adikkal) 「New World feat. Koo & Cbay」
09. Conscience 「How Far it Goes feat. Dan Meery & Amber Wilmot」
10. acro jazz laboratories 「Just Like You feat Magnetic North & Taiyo Na」
11. AMP 「No Other Place」
12. KRBL Rebel Radio 「Hope feat. Marie」
13. JustMe 「How I Met Your Mother」
14. Saturday Morning Cartoon 「Little Birdy (remix)」
15. Huey Jazz 「All I Know」
16. JonWonder 「April 4th」
ON THE RAINBOW Robert de Boron
GTXC-081 | ¥ 2,520 (tax in) | 2013/04/10
1. Time Machine
2. All On T he Table feat. Magnetic North & Taiyo Na (Album ver)
3. Home Pt.2 feat. Tunji (Album ver)
4. Carry On feat. Taro Miura from HO17 & Dawngun
5. Shine a Light Pt.4 (Proud To Be) feat. AWA & Maitreya
6. Visions feat. T hig Nat (from T he Physics) & Mario Sweet
7. Saisei no Uta (Chiru)
8. A New Day feat. Sam Ock
9. interlude
10. Moving On feat. T he Antidotes
11. Fly Away feat. Native Sun
12. Sunny Days feat. AMP
13. On T he Rainbow feat. Badil & MO
14. How Do you Sleep?
GTXC-080 | ¥ 2,100 (tax in) | 2013/02/06
01. Sam Ock / All I Need (Rollercoaster Pt. 2)
02. Jason Chu / One Child feat. Eva Li -Gemini remix-
03. Avens / Blu Skies feat. CL & Carla Waye
04. SoulChef / Tonight feat. Deep Foundation & Ashley Robles -re:plus remix-
05. Lox Tha Rippa / Live Learn Grow
06. Robert de Boron / Home Pt. 2 feat.Tunji
07. Hidetake Takayama / Sunset Song
08. Robert de Boron + Othello / The Truth in Love feat. Vivian Chen
09. Mickey Cho / Joy Is In This Place
10. acro jazz laboratories / God Be Praised
11. ArtOfficial / Low Level
12. AMP / See You in Heaven
13. Debilorithmicos / I'm Out feat Cise Star & Akin
14. Grey Market / Get Away
15. Derrick Fury / Better Half Of Me Pt. 2
16. Melodious Monk / Bitter Tears
BEAT THE CLASSICS Ⅱ Robert de Boron + Othello
GTXC-078 | ¥ 2,520 (tax in) | 2013/01/09
01. True Love feat. Vivian Chen 〜 infused by Ravel「 Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte」〜
02. Do It Like This 〜 infused by Tchaikovsky「 Swan Lake Waltz」〜 
03. The Truth in Love feat. Vivian Chen 〜 infused by Wagner「Wedding March」〜 
04. Regret Me Not feat. Vivian Chen 〜 infused by Pachelbel「 Canon」〜 
05. Break The Silence 〜 infused by Erik Satie「 Gymnopedie」〜 
06. Bon Voyage 〜 infused by Liszt「 Un sospiro」〜 
07. Overture feat. I-RING from NUDYLINE 〜 infused by Mascagni「 Cavalleria Rusticana」〜 
08. Still Alone 〜 infused by Chopin「 Fantasy Impromptu」〜 
09. Everyday Not Your Everyday 〜 infused by Beethoven「 Symphony No 9」〜 
10. Prayer Vox feat. Vivian Chen 〜 infused by Caccini「 Ave Maria」〜 
11. Far Gone 〜 infused by Elgar「Pomp and Circumstance」〜 
12. Time To Say Goodbye
IN YA MELLOW TONE 7.5(タワーレコード限定) V.A.
GTXC-TW2 | ¥ 1,980 (tax in) | 2012/12/12
01. Robert de Boron「 All On The Table feat. Magnetic North & Taiyo Na」
02. AMP「 No Other Place -re:plus remix-」
03. Robert de Boron+Othello 「 True Love feat. Vivian Chen」
04 .Conscience「 Sunshine feat. Sashae & Too Phat」
05. Gemini「 Going With The Flow」
06. Hidetake Takayama「 Believe feat. Amanda Silvera & Matt Brevner」
07. acro jazz laboratories「 Back With Another One feat Nieve,Tunji & Noah King」
08. ArtOfficial「 Can't Keep Running In Place feat. Wrekonize & DJ Fuse」
09. Hy-Definition「 Proud Of Me feat. Nieve & Marie」
10. iris「 One More Chance」
11. Blee「 Everything I Do feat. Substantial」
12. Thomas Prime「 Old Skool feat. CL & Mrs Bux」
13. Fresh Sly「 Troubles」
14. Saturday Morning Cartoon「 Postcard Lullaby」
15. Pigeon John「 Money Back Guarantee」
16. Gowe「 By the Sea」
限定盤(CD+DVD) ZLCP-0084 通常盤 ZLCP-0085 | ¥ 限定盤 ¥2,480(tax in) 通常盤 ¥1,890(tax in) (tax in) | 2012/05/09
1.Go Ahead
2.Beautiful World
3.Move On Up
4.No More Love
6.Critical Mind feat. AISHA
7.Yellow Black Boy
8.I’m Stronger feat. LITTLE
11.Never Ending Story

ZETTON, unknown, 清水翔太, ALI-KICK, DJ☆GO, DJ YUTAKA, SHIMI from BUZZER BEATS for D.O.C, Shingo.S, Robert de Boron(収録曲順)
GTXC-070 | ¥ 2,100 (tax in) | 2012/04/04
01. Sam Ock / Love -re:plus remix- 
02. Robert de Boron / Shine a Light Pt.3 (One Mistake) feat. Awa & PNC 
03. re:plus / It All Turns Out Great feat. MC Newsense from ArtOfficial & Nate Vibez -Black Chiwawa remix- 
04. Flow Ethics / One To Love 
05. Acro Jazz Laboratories / Wish 06. Master Class / Death At A Funeral feat. Nicholas Wonder 
07. Witness / Sunburn 
08. Hidetake Takayama / Motion feat. Raashan Ahmad from Crown City Rockers & Shea Soul -Robert de Boron remix- 
09. Chef'Special / Scribblin 
10. Fencer / Find You feat. Magnetic North, Taiyo Na & Ruth Cho 
11. AMP / Blessed feat. Mickey Cho 
12. Chen Lo / Give It All Up feat. Raphael Smith 
13. Pe2ny / Celebration feat. MYK 
14. SoulChef / How We Do feat. Nieve & Ine 
15. Fresh Sly / Driftaway 16. Audible Mainframe / Ready To Fly
Mellow Candle Robert de Boron
GTXC-069 | ¥ 2,520 (tax in) | 2012/1/11
01. Home feat. Tunji 
02. Shine a Light Pt.2 (Let's Love) feat. Awa & Oldwun (Album ver) 
03. The Long And Winding Street 
04. Billy The Kid feat. Mr. J Medeiros 
05. Reality Unseen feat. Othello 
06. Shine a Light Pt.3 (One Mistake) feat. Awa & PNC 
07. Chiru (Saisei no Uta) 
08. Forever feat. Stacy Epps & MO 
09. Beautiful World feat. Taro Miura from HO17 
10. Change feat. J. Sands, Madness, Tislam The Great & Shuanise (Album ver) 
11. Walk On feat. MO & Kitano Shuka (Album ver) 
12. Mellow Candle
NEW AGE OF BEATS re:plus × Robert de Boron × Hidetake Takayama
GTXC-065 | ¥ 2,400 (tax in) | 2011/10/05
01. re:plus / One Dream feat. Sam Ock 
02. Robert de Boron / Jenny feat. Daichi Diez & Shaira (re:plus remix)
03. Hidetake Takayama / Forever Yours feat. Stacy Epps & Toby from Inverse (re:plus remix) 
04. re:plus / A Fall and Rebirth 
05. Robert de Boron / Change feat. J. Sands, Madness, Tislam The Great & Shuanise 
06. Hidetake Takayama / Motion feat. Raashan Ahmad from Crown City Rockers & Shea Soul (Robert de Boron remix) 
07. re:plus / Time Goes By feat. Hydroponikz & Anika (Robert de Boron remix) 
08. Robert de Boron / Walk On feat. MO & Kitano Shuka 
09. Hidetake Takayama / Believe feat. Amanda Silvera & Matt Brevner  
10. re:plus / Overcome feat. Butta P & Gigi (Hidetake Takayama remix) 
11. Robert de Boron / Focus feat. Othello (Hidetake Takayama remix) 
12. Hidetake Takayama / Blink
GTXC-VV1 | ¥ 1,980 (tax in) | 2011/08/03
01.Sam Ock - Beautiful People
02.iris - Just The Two Of Us
03.Move.Meant - Myself In You (Michitaro from Cradle Orchestra remix)
04.Robert De Boron+The Antidotes - Jupiter (feat. Cee Nario)
05.replus - On and On (feat. Noah King & Leah Hanna King)
06.Acro Jazz Laboratories - Faithful
07.CL - Bozack (Robert De Boron Remix)
08.Audible Mainframe - Hang The DJ (Featuring Noni Kai)
09.The Let Go - No I Don't (featuring Josh Martinez)
10.Incise - Got To Go (feat. Nieve) (Incise remix)
11.Emskee Trust World - Aya Ishii (from Cradle Orchestra remix)
12.Blee - The Beyond Here (Featuring Othello)
13.Thomas Prime - Class of '99 (ft. Akin Yai)
14.SoulChef - When I Close My Eyes (feat. Tunji)
15.Soulution - Yao Ming (Featuring Project Move)
16.Robert de Boron - Give It All Up for Love (feat. Verses and Chloe)
GTXC-062 | ¥ 2,310 (tax in) | 2011/07/06
01.Dedicated(Prduced by B.Maffie) 
02.Nothin For Nothin (Prduced by Cradle Orchestra)
03.Catch A Vibe(Prduced by B.Maffie, A Becherer)
04.Bozak -Robert de Boron remix- 
05.Deacon BluPrduced by Blazo) 
06.GENERATIVITY(Prduced by Thomas Prime & Avens)
07.Notes(Prduced by Blazo) 
08.Old Skool (Prduced by Thomas Prime) 
09.Clean Slate (Prduced by Inherit aka Dj Chika 
10.Wishing you Well (Prduced by Thomas Prime) 
11.Come Around My Way (Prduced by Thomas Prime) 
12.Voiceless ft. Chang Jui-chuan & Miwa (Prduced by Chang Jui-chuan ) 
13.Live Life(Prduced by Thomas Prime) 
14.Catch A Vibe -Blazo remix-
GTXC-060 | ¥ 2,100 (tax in) | 2011/04/02
01.Magnetic North and Taiyo Na「Home:Word」
02.Robert de Boron「Shine A Light Pt.2 feat. Awa and Oldwun」
03.Alex Shiau & Vivian Chen「On And On」
04.Nieve & Soulchef「Troubles Of The Past」「Solitude」
06.Witness「Twenty Three feat. Emancipator」
07.iris「You Are Beautiful」
08.Alexander The Phatos「Beautiful Struggle (Reprise)」
09.Derrick Fury「Better Half Of Me」
10.Hidetake Takayama「Go With」
11.Thomas Prime「Music Plays On feat. The 49ers」
12.The Let Go「The Way You Were Before」
13.Gowe「I Wonder」
14.Avens「Come Around My Way feat. CL」
15.Culture VI「All I Got To Give feat. Marsha Ambrosius」
16.Upperleft Social「Her's and His」
GTXC-054 | ¥ 1,980 (tax in) | 2010/12/08
01. CL 「Bozack -DJ Deckstream remix」
02. Soulution 「I Been ft. Rhema Soul」
03. INCISE 「Your Soul feat.Skyrise (Don Cerino & Shaunise)」
04. Robert de Boron 「Beginning Again feat. Stacy Epps」
05 .Rhema Soul 「All You Are」
06. The Antidotes 「One Of a Kind」
07. re:plus 「Overcome feat. Butta P & Gigi」
08. Robert de Boron + The Antidotes 「Any Minute Now feat. Shanelle」
09. COOK 「The Good Ol Days feat. Jean Curley」
10. Verses 「Love Jawns」
11. SAINT 「If You Would Just feat.Honey LaRochelle」
12. INCISE 「Strife feat.Hydroponikz & Anika」
Focus feat.Othello Robert de Boron
GTXL-S1 | ¥ 1,260 (tax in) | 2010/11/02
01. Focus - Feat, Othello
02. Focus - Instrumental
Diaspora Robert de Boron
GTXC-051 | ¥ 2,520 (tax in) | 2010/10/20
01. Shine A Light (Let's Love) feat. Awa & Junz
02. Take Your Turn feat. Collective Efforts
03. Jenny feat. Daichi Diez & Shaira
04. Hydrangea After The Rain feat. re:plus
05. Beginning Again feat. Stacy Epps
06. Love Out Of Sight feat. Melodee
07. Advice feat. Surreal
08. Rainbow Trees
09. Focus feat. Othello
10. Singing The Blues feat. Topix
11. Primal Fear feat. Warren B & MO
12. Tears Of The Earth
13. Give It All Up For Love feat. Verses and Chloe
14. Moonquakes
GTXC-050 | ¥ 2,100 (tax in) | 2010/09/08
01.Robert de Boron「Shine A Light feat. Awa & Olwun from Nesian Mystik」 
02.Hidetake Takayama「Forever Yours feat. Stacy Epps & Toby from Inverse -re:plus remix-」
03.SoulChef「Eyes Like Blue Skies feat. Need Not Worry」 
04.Nicholas Smalc「With You feat. Maclyn Lucille」 
05.Robert de Boron & The Antidotes「Peace of Mine feat. Shanelle」 
06.iris「Simple Love」 
07.Kid Klassic「Go feat. Rhyzz & Natalia」 
08.Incise「Running Out Of Time feat. The 49ers」 
09.Hidetake Takayama「Motion feat. Raashan Ahmad from Crown City Rockers& Shea Soul」 
10.Alexander The Phatos「Hey Mama feat. Anis Haron」 
11.CL「Deacon Blu -Produced by Blazo-」 
12.Don Cerino「Trusting The Soul feat. Shuanise (as Skyrise)」 
13.Awon「Flow Of Life-Alan de Laniere remix-」 
14.Thomas Prim 「Heartbreak feat. Seeka & Jr」 
15.Happy Unfortunate「The World Is Mine feat. Muneshine」 
16.Nieve「I'll Be Doin That Today」
BEAT THE CLASSICS Robert de Boron + The Antidotes
GTXC-049 | ¥ 2,520 (tax in) | 2010/08/04
01. Peace of Mine feat. Shanelle ~infused by Pachelbel「Canon」~
02. Next One feat. Cee Nario ~infused by Bach「Air On The G String」
03. Growth feat. Cee Nario ~infused by Dvorak 「New World Symphony」~
04. Jupiter feat. Cee Nario ~infused by Holst「Jupiter」~
05. Any Minute Now feat. Shanelle ~infused by Tchaikovsky 「Serenade for Strings」~
06. From Far feat. Cee Nario ~infused by Puccini「Turandot」~
07.Summer ~infused by Vivaldi「Four Seasons “L‘Estate”」~
08. I'm Home feat. Cee Nario ~infused by Chopin「Nocturne」~
09. Boom Boom Clap ~infused by Bach / Gounod「Ave Maria」~
10. Classic Flow ~infused by Handel「Sarabande」~
11. The Real ~infused by Bach「Jesu, Joy of Man‘s Desiring」~
12. Light Of The Moon
~infused by Debbusy「Clair de Lune」~
GTXC-040 | ¥ 2,100 (tax in) | 2010/02/03「Never Looking Back feat. Nicholas Smalc from Vitium」
02.CL「Voiceless feat. Chang Jui-Chan & Miwa」
03.0SoulChef「Drifting In A Day Dream feat. Need Not Worry」
04.Marcus D「Day In The Life feat. Substantial & Steph」
05.Robert de Boron「Beginning Again feat. Stacey Epps」
06.Audible Mainframe「Redwine and Xanax」
07.Incise「Hope feat. Need Not Worry」
08.Hidetake Takayama「Komorebi」
09.Mental Abstrato「Me Desculpe Mas Nao Resisti feat. Logics and Newsense of ArtOfficial」
10.The Let Go「Standing Back」
11.The 49ers「My Girlfriend's Best Friend」
12.Inverse「Rise and Shine」
13.Hus「Love Spaceship (Produced by Seasons End)」
14.Nieve「What Are You Rappin For」
15.Vitium「Ailing Grace」
16.Cook「The Good Old Days feat. Jean Curley」
In Ya Mellow Tone official bootleg Vol.2 mixed by Robert de Boron Robert de Boron
GTXC-037 | ¥ 1,785 (tax in) | 2009/12/02
01. Incise「Intro」 from「Nobody’s Story」  
02. The 49ers「In Love With Two Women」from「The Ultrasound」 
03. Poems「See It」 ftom 「Blooming Sounds」
04. Saint「Respect and Honor feat.Dr.Becket」 from 「About Time」  
05. Momentan「Give it to me feat. The Saint of The Good People」 from 「Finderlohn」  
06. G Frequency「Outside My Window feat. Big J」from 「Let’s Begin」
07. Saint「Do You Remember feat. Verses」from 「About Time」
08. The Antidotes「One Of a Kind」 from 「L.A. Lights」
09. The Antidotes「Got Rhymes」 from 「L.A. Lights」
10. CL「Leave Tonight」 from 「Welcome To Life」
11. Incise「Your Soul feat.Skyrise (Don Cerino & Shaunise)」from 「Nobody’s Story」
12. Nieve & Cook「Another Day Comes」 from 「Away With Words」
13. CL「Somedays」 from 「Welcome To Life」  
14. Poems「Blooming Sounds」 from 「Blooming Sounds」   
15. G Frequency「Flight Ticket feat. Othello」 from 「Let’s Begin」  
16. The 49ers「Promise Me」 from 「The Ultrasound」
17. Tony Stone「Boast」 from 「The Creation」  
18. Collective Efforts「Where It Began feat. Krit」 from 「Time for Medicine」  
19. Collective Efforts「One Through Six feat. Grip, Root and Zaid」 from 「Time For Medicine」 
20. The Antidotes「Sweet Harmony Revisited」 from 「L.A. Lights」 
21. Move.Meant.「Can‘t Call It」 from 「Meant To Move」 
22. Tha Connection「Take It Higher」 from 「Moon Water」 
23. Tha Connection「My Story」 from 「Moon Water」 
24. Soulution「The Whole World feat. Anonymous」 from 「Shine Through」
25. Move.Meant.「Miracle」 from 「Meant To Move」
26. Soultuion「Yao Ming featt. Project Move」from 「Shine Through」 
27. Tony Stone「Round and Round (Mr. Law)」from 「The Creation」 
28. The 49ers「Universal Language feat. 2 Mo‘key of Stilla-mode」 from 「 The Ultrasound」 
29. CL「Bozak」 from 「Welcome To Life」 
30. Robert de Boron「Love Out Of Sight feat. Melodee」*  
*=Unreleased Song
GTXC-030 | ¥ 2,100 (tax in) | 2009/07/08
1. re:plus「Everlasting Truth」
2. Cradle Orchestra「Only One feat.Need Not Worry - PE'Z Remix -」
3. Incise「Your Soul feat. Skyrise」
4. Audible Mainframe「The Clout pt.2」
5. Rhema Soul「All You Are」
6. CL「Catch a Vibe」
7. Robert de Boron「Focus feat. Othello」
8. The Antidotes「One of a Kind」
9. The 49ers「In Love With Two Women」
10. Emanon「Blind Love」
11. Collective Efforts「The Worst Is Over - Valentine Remix -」
12. The Residents「What We've Got feat. Shuanise & Shad K - Hidetake Takayama Remix -」
13. Move.Meant「What Goes Around - Radio Edit -」
14. Soulution「Soulshine feat. Mr J Medeiros, Kam Moye, Bahamadia and Nicole Amina」
15. ArtOfficial「Too Nasty - kagero Remix -」
16. Eightrack Mind「Slow Down」
Listening is Believing vol.3 V.A.
¥ 1,995 (tax in) | 2008/09/29
01.DJ Whitesmith / Haku
02.Prisma / Menina
03.tsunenori / Floral Clock
04.Robert de Boron / Fines
05.Hazzy / Nooning
06.Float 11 / Waterlogged Coast
07.Lobe a.k.a. C.A.L.M. / It's Time To...
08.Mizube / Standard Explanation
09.Bona Fat / Kaos
10.Ghst Bust@ / Good Luck